18|8 Men’s Salons & Griff’s Grooming

Case Studies

I had the pleasure of working in collaboration with 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons and our talented creative team to create a series of informative, entertaining and humorous brand videos that showcase the full-service grooming and styling experience the salon offers to its clientele. 18|8 was created to help men to look, feel and be more confident by providing exemplary styling, grooming and consulting—all within a relaxed environment. Plus, they have a wicked good microbrew on draft. To further connect with their male audience, we introduced the character Joe Curler, played by stand-up comic and former Wax and 22 Jacks frontman, Joe Sib. The message was simple. There are two things a man should never do: Go through a woman’s purse and go to her hair salon.

In addition to the online digital content, we were tasked with designing the signage for the salon’s Shave Bar and the packaging for its exclusive line of men’s grooming products called Griff’s. Named after the owner’s grandfather—a world war veteran—the lineup includes everything from shaving to styling products to keep men looking and feeling their best.

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