I am very proud to have been able to work and collaborate with some of the most talented minds in the creative marketing business. Above you will enjoy this compilation collective body of work during my tenure at Windowseat. It showcases what our clients, my partners, our great Windowseat employees, and collaborators have created together. I am truly honored to have been apart of creating such great work with an amazingly talented team of clients and employees that I call my friends.

I want to personally thank Leo Kiely III, Ron Askew, and Kyle Craig for their generosity, time, guidance and wisdom they provided me personally as our board of directors. Especially I want to thank my family, my daughters, Max Mirbaba, John and Mary Lochridge for their continual love and support. None of this would have come to fruition if my best mate Bill Kiely didn’t convince me to partner up and move from Denver to LA to set on a 16 year journey- Thank you Bill for the ride and great memories.

This body of work couldn’t have been made possible without the support of our great visionary clients including Doug Palladini (President Vans), Steve Van Doren (Vans), Jared Abe (Vans), Steve Zeitzoff (Vans) Chris Ruszowski (Quiznos), Rebecca Cottrell and Eduardo Valdes (Mattel), Chris Strain (Camelbak), Steve Luther (Converse) Randy Rarick (Vans Triple Crown of Surfing), Danny Kass (Snowboarding God & Olympic Silver Medalist, Radical dude of Nike/Grenade fame), Rune Glifberg (Sk8 Legend) Dave Wisely (Hyundai), PGA Tour, NBC, The Dingo, The Dirty Heads, and the many great clients, artists & athletes whom we collaborated with over the years.