Vans: Living Off The Wall


Off The Wall is a state of mind and has been Vans’ marketing tagline for 50 years. Thinking Differently. Embracing creative self-expression is #LivingOffTheWall. This campaign was built to progress that dedication. We worked with their internal in-house agency to help bring this to life.  I have been fortunate to call Vans a client for 10+ years collaborating with them to create action sports tv shows, live streaming webcast, video content for their OFF THE WALL.TV platform,  new product launches, and social media content.  We have been involved in producing their experiential content and have collaborated with the brand teams. We have been apart of their transformation from a $250mm company into a global footwear/apparel powerhouse with over $2 billon in worldwide sales. They have stayed true to their roots and have kept their brand authentic to its core. Having worked with Vans over the years has truly been an honor.  I have also made some life long friends in the process.