Vans: Triple Crown of Surfing

Experiential/Live Events

After 30 years, the Vans Triple Crown is still one of the most sought after titles in surfing. It’s also the culmination of the elite WSL World Tour where all the pro surfers from around the globe, come to Hawaii to spend six weeks on the N.Shore. The third jewel of the Vans Triple Crown is the Billabong PipeMasters and it’s at this venue the World Champion gets decided.

I’ve had the opportunity to work in collaboration with Vans, our sponsors, and the WSL’s worlds best in capturing what the media coins as the “Super Bowl of Surfing” competitions. For nine consecutive winter seasons my amazing team and I were living on the N.Shore of Oahu transforming how surfing is broadcast to the world.  We changed the format of our television shows to an NFL Films style and expanded the content from television, to digital video content, and LIVE streaming webcasts that not only reached mobile devices, but also our network partners at Oceanic Time Warner, and Globo Sports in Brazil.

This was truly one of my more memorable work – life experiences. I made some great friends and had the opportunity to interview world champions such as Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Sunny Garcia, Fred Patacchia,  Stephanie Gillmore and many others.