Quiznos: The Waze Runner


As part of the continuation of engaging young adult males for Quiznos digital platform Toasty.tv, we identified  two things the Waze- the popular navigation app and the young adult books series created by James Dashner the Maze Runner. When you get lost in the Maze, you better have your Waze.  20th Century Fox obtained the rights to the book series and were launching their first installment of the film series. We were inspired by this film and we understood our fans would connect and create conversations  about the movie and the Quiznos brand.

The video received with millions of impressions, online conversations, global earned media, and almost a million views in less than two weeks. We saw 80% lift to Quiznos store locater and thousands of digital coupon downloads.  Waze posted it to their website and social media, and 20th Century Fox came calling to collaborate with my team on their next installment of the movie franchise the Maze Runner: Scorch Trials.